Maxey Trailers, Mfg, Inc. has been in business since 1999 and has continued to grow into one of the largest Trailer Manufacturers in Texas and well on its way to being the largest in the United States and Canada. The trailer industry has had many improvements in the last few years and the same can be said about this company as well.

Maxey Trailers, Mfg, Inc. is located in the heart of trailer country in Northeast Texas, just west of Paris, Texas. The vision that built this company is the same vision that still drives the quality, craftsmanship, and outstanding product value that is being manufactured one trailer at a time everyday. When you choose a Maxey Trailer, you are choosing to build a relationship one trailer at a time.

A trailer from Maxey Trailers Mfg, Inc is one that will last as long as you own it and then some. We specialize in building quality trailers one at time. A full line of trailers are available including atv, car haulers, utility, tilts, landscapers, dumps, goosenecks, snow cat, and equipment trailers. If we do not have what you are looking for send us the specs and/or pics and we will be happy to do what we can to help you get what you need. There is over 30 years of vested sales, service, and manufacturing experience at Maxey Trailers Mfg, Inc. in the office staff and ownership alone. Maxey Trailers Mfg, Inc. excels at building quality products at prices everyone can afford. We look forward to seeing your trailer come through our plant to be manufactured and to see it pass us going down the road behind your vehicle. Give one of our fine dealers a shout today and let the folks here at Maxey Trailers Mfg, Inc have an opportunity to build your dream into a trailer reality.